Grow Your Accounting Firm In New York

CPA Symposium – New York


Title Sponsor, PuZLink, LLC will be hosting CPA’s and Financial Advisors from around the Country at this invitation only, scholarship event. David N Capo, CEO will serve as MC introducing the event schedule, guest speakers and ensuing “rev-gen” planning sessions.

Event Topic:

Grow Your Accounting Firm In New York | CPA Symposium

Event Premise:

New York accountants and financial advisors want to grow their businesses and realize, at times, working together is very beneficial for the client public. However, establishing strategic relationships between the two industries has been difficult to successfully attain, for numerous reasons.

The accounting industry is “tired” of being solicited by financial advisors wanting to “partner up” says a CPA. “We understand the importance of providing comprehensive financial services through an advisor, but the amount of solicitations we get from financial firms wanting to work with us and our clients is unbelievable, it turns us away.”

CPA Symposium focuses on these issues by providing alternative perspectives to building beneficial relationships amongst accountants and financial advisors. If the client public is to be served appropriately by their trusted advisors, it is imperative that “peace and collaboration” is established within the financial services family.

Grow your accounting firm in New York by becoming a scholarship recipient to the CPA Symposium. Accountants will be provided with resources that help grow their Practices, differentiate themselves from competition, and develop strategic partnerships with financial services firms.

The Symposium is selective in invitation. Accountant attendees must qualify and be nominated by a financial advisor or financial advisory firm. Conference details and the nomination process will be announced shortly.

Event Objective:

“Peace” in the financial services family for the benefit of the client public and growth for New York accounting practices looking to expand in this modern world.

CPA Symposium is leading the effort.


We’d love to hear from you. Please fill out this form if interested in attending the Symposium. Conference details and qualification requirements will be forwarded once announced.

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